Welcome to the Professional Archaeologists of Kansas (PAK) website. PAK is an organization composed of professional archaeologists conducting research in Kansas and students working toward degrees and careers in archaeology. PAK's goal is to encourage and facilitate communication about the historic and prehistoric cultural heritage of Kansas and the importance of protecting and preserving archaeological resources for future generations.


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What DO archaeologists do in the 21st century? What kinds of jobs and careers ARE they working at? This special issue of the SAA Archaeological Record provides 12 personal accounts of careers in archaeology that prove that archaeology is about MUCH more than digging. This issue can be accessed for free through this link: http://onlinedigeditions.com/publication/?i=65152&p=8 .

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Burial Brochure 1 ( PDF icon680 kb)

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Preserving Private Collections ( PDF icon 1.2 MB)

2009 Measuring the Past: A Timeline of Kansas Archaeology ( PDF icon 530 kb)

2008 Professional Archaeologists: Your Guide to Navigating the Project Clearance Highway ( PDF icon 897 kb)

2007 Getting the Archaeological Green Light for Your Projects: A Basic Guide to Complying with Laws Regarding Archaeological Sites (PDF Icon 5.9 MB)

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