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Kansas Archaeology Basics

An overview of Kansas prehistory prepared by the Kansas State Historical Society, including suggested readings and places to visit.

Archaeology Lesson Plans & Study Materials

The Public Archeologist at the Kansas State Historical Society maintains a list of archeological resource materials for educators that include books, videos, magazines, and websites. The Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) also circulates traveling trunks and other archeological teaching resources through its Teachers website. These materials meet the state's history standards, plus many also address other standards, such as reading and writing.

An extraordinary and unprecedented set of online exhibits on the theme Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo has been added to, the public education website created by the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at UT Austin in consultation with the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and in partnership with the Texas Archeological society and five other organizations. The Tejas exhibits consists of five interwoven exhibits providing an intimate look at the Caddos' long and distinguished history, at ancient and living Caddo tradition, and at the tribe's many contributions to the cultural heritage of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The Tejas exhibits explain who the Caddo are, who they were, where they came from, and what Caddo life was like in different points in time. There is also a special exhibit for kids called "World of the Caddo" as well as a resource page for teachers.

People in Their World is a Canadian company based in Saskatoon, Saskachewan that fosters intercultural understanding by creating opportunities for learning experiences. Their product line includes unusual learning and gift series that hold wide appeal in the public, corporate and education sectors. Many People in Their World products are particularly geared towards helping student to gain an understanding of how people of the Great Plains lived, worked and played long ago. If you are looking for reasonably priced educational resources and reference materials on bison hunting, projectile points, or Plains Prehistory in general--this site is definitely worth a visit. The company also offers a really high class line of gifts like mugs and t-shirts that are worth a look if you're in the market for such things.

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming­Laramie has put together a series of truly useful visual web-based learning modules on subjects ranging from Primate Crania to Northern Plains Projectile Point Typology. The Making Learning Real modules require a free Quicktime browser plug-in. in general, these modules are intended for use in university settings, but I can see them also being used by students in High School or Junior High settings, or even by Boy Scounts working on their archaeology merit badges.

Scholastic, the company that published Weekely Reader and the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, has collaborated with Earthwatch to produce a series of on-line learning modules about Native American Cultures, including one about southwestern archaeology. Visit their Native American Cultures home page for a unique on-line learning experience. The "Digging in the Prehistoric Pueblos" module in particular does a nice job explaining how hypothesis testing works in science.

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