Kansas Archaeology Month Poster Logo, A Rock Art Desgin from Keyhole Hill­14SA304, Saline County, Kansas

This year's theme, "Kansas Rock Art ­ A Lasting Impression," examines rock art images (human, animal, geometric, and abstract motifs) created by the former inhabitants of Kansas. Images carved or pecked into rock are called petroglyphs, while those painted into rock are called pictographs; you may be more familiar with calling these images rock art. These images provide fascinating glimpses of the world as viewed by earlier Kansas residents.

You can view the 2003 Kansas Archaeology Month Poster, plus additional images of Kansas Rock Art by entering PAKWEB's 2003 On-Line Exhibit "Ellsworth County Rock Art Sites Revisited" by Christine Garst, or by visiting PAKWEB's Gallery of Kansas Rock Art Images [under construction].

The Kansas Archaeology Month website also includes a Calendar of Events, Rock Art Lesson Plans, plus suggested Education / Outreach activities to help you celebrate Kansas Archaeology Month.

Kansas Petroglyph Facts

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